Roqueta Origen

Ebro River and vineyards

The ancestry of Roqueta Origen dates back to the 12th century and nowadays they are a powerhouse in the Spanish winemaking community. They are family owned and run a number of vineyards and wineries. From their portfolio we import Las Corazas and La Picossa from Castilla and Terra Alta respectively.

Bodegas Crin Roja is the home of Las Corazas, a young winery in La Mancha, a region that contains the most extensive surface area of vineyards on the planet. The vines are planted on mainly chalky based and stony ground, with little soil and the climate is marked by extreme temperatures.

La Picossa, named after Pablo Picasso, is the local mountain situated between the Ebro River and the Terra Alta region. It is 499 meters high and this mountain separates the county of Terra Alta from the region of Terres de l’Ebre.