Valle de la Puerta

Famatina Valley vineyards at dusk
Vallee de la Puerta vineyards with Andes in the background
Birds flock above Vallee de la Puerta vines

Sustainably Farmed

Valle de la Puerta is located approximately 754 miles northwest of Buenos Aires by road.  The property sits between the Famatina and Velasco mountain ranges, which branch off the impressive Andes. This unique valley offers a magnificent visual backdrop and provides well-drained topsoil.

In 1994, founder Julian Clusellas opened a newspaper and found what would become his life passion. Three months later his wife stood with him twelve hundred kilometers away from home, staring at 4000 hectares of barren land which he was to transform into a vast complex of vineyards, olive groves, walnut trees, an olive oil factory… and of course, a winery!

Today Valle de la Puerta produces 2.2 million litres of wine each year – a serious producer known for its scaleand ability to produce stunning, award-winning wines thanks to head winemaker, Javier Collovati. They have started on the road to sustainability and hope to be certified in 1-2 years.

Las Olas wines are attractive and fruit-driven, a style that is easy drinking and offers excellent value for money. La Puerta Alta  grapes are hand-picked from drip irrigated vines which are canopy-managed for optimum flavour ripeness and the best reds are carefully  selected for the Alta range and kept in separate tanks until both primary and secondary fermentation is complete.  Then they are blended with reserva wines that have been aged in French and American oak barrels for 6 months.