Vineyards overlooking the sea in Trapani, Sicily
Vineyards in Tuscany
Vineyards of Prosecco, Veneto

Established in 1897 Caldirola are a big producer from humble beginnings. Based in Missaglia to the north of Milan they are a third generation, privately owned, family business with close links to several of the large cooperatives across Italy. They are a major supplier to Italian supermarkets of both brand and private labels. As such they are BRC, ISO22000 and IFS certified. They currently produce in the region of 70 million bottles per year.

The scale of the operation here may not be as romantic as some wine producers might have you believe but it does give us the opportunity to work on the development of exclusive labels for our customers.

To this avail we have collaborated with Caldirola on successful new product development, including the La Musa range, to which we have recently added three new wines. All are trademarks that we own, with labels designed by renowned wine label designers Amphora and wine blends selected by our customers to meet their price point and margin requirements..
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