French Sparkling

Duc de Valmer

Our ‘entry-level’ French sparkling wine, Duc De Valmer, is pale-gold with fine, persistent foam. Delicate fruit, well balanced with a good finish.

Louis Perdrier

Pierre-Louis Perdrier was born in Beaune in 1880, where his father Louis François Perdrier had established his wine business in 1878. In 1954, he joined forces with his cousin André Boisseaux, head of Patriarche Père et Fils, to develop a range of high-end sparkling wines for hotels and restaurants, under the eponymous brand name Louis Perdrier.

Crémant de Bourgogne

Patriarche Père et Fils are the second largest producer of sparkling wine in France and are proof that quantity and quality are not always mutually exclusive. In 2019 their Patriarche Père et Fils Crémant de Bourgogne Brut NV was listed in the Top 5 of the World’s Best Sparkling Wines by the Effervescents du Monde wine competition.

Léonce Bocquet

An emblematic figure in 19th century in Bourgogne, Léonce Bocquet greatly contributed to the renown of Burgundy wines throughout the world. As a supplier to Europe’s greatest courts he made himself known for the fine and high- quality wines that he promoted with charisma and passion. In our portfolio are Patriarche’s namesake Brut and Rosé crémants and the same cuvées under the Léonce Bocquet label, named after this bon viveur.

Given their scale it is no surprise that Patriarche make large quantities of entry level French sparkling wine mainly private or exclusive label business for off trade distribution around the world. We have access to this in lightweight glass and different closures. Please speak to your sales manager for more information.

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