Burgundy - Patriarche Père et Fils AOC

Patriarche Père et Fils was founded in 1780 by Jean-Baptiste Patriarche making it exactly 200 years older than our company, having recently celebrated its 240th anniversary. Over the years it has grown dramatically from a small, traditional “Burgundy House” to one of the largest négociants-éleveurs in Burgundy, exporting to over 85 different markets around the world.

The scope of the company is large: it starts with the supervision of the plots and selecting of the grapes and continues by vinifying and maturing the wines. It is during the ageing process in the cellars that the wines develop their full potential, substance and structure. Patriarche is home to the most extensive cellars not just in Burgundy but in all of Europe, with “caves” that extend for five kilometres under the streets of Beaune where they receive over 45,000 visitors per year.

Burgundy - Patriarche Père et Fils AOC Wines